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Financial counselling

As the legal environment becomes more and more complicated it is increasingly important to plan your finances. Anylator can help you plan your finances on the basis of your own circumstances. We work closely with lawyers, which gives us/you access to expert legal advice.

In this way we offer a palette of services: tax return planning, succession of generations, company acquisitions, company divestment, transfer of ownership, and bankruptcy and liquidation.

Accounting and financial statements

Our world is turbulent and typified by abrupt changes. Therefore in order to best meet your customers’ demands you must have a total focus on your own business.

Anylator offers to take the pressure off you by handling your day-to-day accounting and making up your financial statements. We have extensive experience from many different industries where we handle the accounting for both small and large companies. We handle day-to-day bookkeeping, periodical financial statements, and VAT statements and payments. In addition we take care of monthly and quarterly accounts, annual financial statements and annual reports.

Anylator Consulting AB

Anylator Consulting AB, which is a subsidiary of Anylator AB, specialises in complex counselling.

We can help with company valuations prior to the sale of a business unit or of the whole company. We also provide advice ahead of major investment projects, structuring of financial management, key ratio calculations, cost accounting, liquidation etc. Currently Mats Berg and Anna Wallin work with these services in Anylator Consulting AB

Mats Berg is a certified accounting consultant and has extensive experience from complex counselling, company valuations, ABC calculations, balance scorecard, consolidated accounting etc. He is also a lecturer at the Institute of Business Administration (FEI).

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Anna Wallin is a certified accounting consultant with extensive experience of liquidations, consolidated accounting, complex counselling etc.

070-990 24 30

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Consulting services

Growth and expansion are today’s catchwords and are often essential if a company is to survive. It is impossible to stand still while the rest of the world rushes by.

Anylator offers financial knowledge for your future plans and ideas. Moreover we can assess the risks they entail. Our experience and competence when it comes to forecasting and evaluating the potential for businesses is both deep and extensive. Our services include business analysis, financial planning, key ratio analysis, risk management and follow-up of the business.
We also offer services in connection with company valuations, inventory of estates and liquidations.

Do you require more general advice – in such areas as business development, marketing and benchmarking? If so, we also have extensive experience in these fields.

PA services

We are now able to offer certified payroll consultants to handle your payroll issues.

Identifying and developing employees is an art. One that is necessary to secure a company’s growth and survival. Therefore considerable effort is needed to determine which person suits a position and needs to be recruited to enable a group to develop in the right direction.

Anylator has broad expertise and experience of this kind of decision and can provide a wide range of qualified services: recruitment, HR planning, skills development, project management, negotiations, systematic work environment management, labour law and production of personnel manuals/policies. In addition Anylator can provide support when you need replacements/stand-ins in your HR department.


It is both expensive and difficult to find staff with the right financial expertise. Therefore we at Anylator provide a facility enabling you to outsource your financial function and run it exactly according to your wishes.

We already have numerous outsourcing contracts with small and large companies in various industries. Our outsourcing activities also include telephone support, payroll management and claims processing.