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Consultants reared language skills!
Consultants reared language skills!

We are accounting and business consultants distributed in offices in Danderyd and handen.

We are accounting and business consultants operating out of two offices in Danderyd and Handen. On 1st June 2015 Ekonomgruppen i Kista AB and Ekonom och Juristgruppen i Täby AB merged to form Anylator Norr AB, which has new premises in Danderyd. In this connection Handens bokföringsbyrå AB changed its name to Anylator Syd AB.

This means we can be close to your company and readily accessible.
We consider proximity to our customers and communication to be among the most important tools available to us. Together with effective cooperation and knowledge and insight into business and industry, the potential for optimising financial services is endless.

Our highly qualified and service-minded employees are ready to support you with all kinds of finance and payroll management services. No task is too complex and none are too simple. Together we can review your specific needs and design our services to match them. All of which creates the most flexible and cost-effective solution possible.

At our offices we have long experience of many types of company, both large and small. As we collaborate with several different financial and legal experts including accountants and lawyers we can readily make contact when required. We also have consultants who can speak Polish, Turkish and Japanese, as well as Swedish and English.

Please contact one of our offices for an obligation-free meeting or for information about our services and prices.
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Our services are available in​​​​​​​

Swedish, English, Polish and Chinese.

We follow the EU's General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
As the legal environment becomes more and more complicated it is increasingly important to plan your finances. Anylator can help you plan your finances on the basis of your own circumstances.
Growth and expansion are today’s catchwords and are often essential if a company is to survive. Anylator offers financial knowledge for your future plans and ideas. 
Our world is turbulent and typified by abrupt changes. Anylator offers to take the pressure off you by handling your day-to-day accounting and making up your financial statements.